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About Us

Totalreno LTD is running Since 2008,for over 12 years, Totalreno LTD has offered an innovative and professional approach to home renovations. From kitchens and baths to whole house projects, we can transform any room in your home.We have built a solid reputation for quality workmanship, reliability, and competitive pricing. Our unique approach to working closely with our customers and our care for craftsmanship top have lead to countless successful renovation projects.

Everyone deserves a home where every room brings happiness. Your home should be just the way you want. Your home also should be a place to unwind, entertain and be passionate about. We invite you to reach out to ask renovating questions or request a free home renovations quote for your project.

We welcome all budgets our work is guarantee and we also offer standard and top quality. Guaranteed services.

Indoor and outdoor updates

Bathroom, Kitchen renovation and installation, building and construction. Just give us a call or send us an email with your concerns and well get back you you as soon as possible.

Kitchens Renovations today in United Kingdom homes and flats are drastically different from the past, they now require extensive improvements to accommodate today’s changing lifestyles. They involve numerous upgrades that are needed for expanded cooking areas within the home, as well as substantial electrical and plumbing work to support improved appliances and lighting requirements.

The most common upgrade is the open concept. Walls are now being removed and the kitchen is becoming part of the living area. Kitchen countertops are also now mostly solid surface materials that include materials such as granite, wood, and stainless steel. They are easy to clean and allow for under-mount sinks that are very much desired. The kitchen island with seating and large work surface areas acts as a social connection between kitchen and living activities. And appliances and finish materials are now far more practical and aesthetically appealing, as they are in full view of the living area. Improved lighting and electrical has also played an important part spotlights, additional outlets, and under-counter LED lighting are typical additions to even the most basic kitchen.

The Home Renovation Survival Guide.  Home renovation can mean a lot of chaos in your household. Which can be compounded if you are not prepared for the realities that come along with home improvements. Changing around your home will help your home become more functional, but it may mean living in a messy construction zone until the renovations are complete. Here are a few things to remember when living with home renovations that can make the experience a bit easier.

Have Realistic Expectations

Don’t go into home renovations expecting them to be clean and dainty. There is nothing dainty about renovating a home. There are going to be messes, there may be service interruptions with some of the functions of your home here and there, and there are going to be loud noises. Going into the process knowing what to expect can make the entire project less stressful for everyone involved.

Talk with the Contractors When You Have Questions or Concerns

Many homeowners do not want to communicate with the contractors very often because they believe it could be a distraction or will slow things down. While it could do both of those things, if you plan for frequent conversations, neither of these should be a concern. When you hire a contractor, make sure you have it known that you want them to be available to you. That way, if you have any questions or concerns, you can address them. Just make sure you do it when appropriate, so no one gets hurt or caught off-guard.

Protect Yourselves During the Renovations

During nearly all home repairs, there is going to be dust flying around, plus scents from many of the materials used. Make sure you speak with the contractors ahead of time so you can determine when it is safe to be in your home, and when you should be elsewhere for a day or two. Also, make sure you know what type of ventilation is going to be used to prevent odors from lingering after the renovations are complete.

You also want to make sure to protect your belongings during the renovation process. Move out what furniture you can, and find out how you can seal off rooms that are not a part of the renovation. The more preparation you do ahead of time, the less dust and debris will invade your home where the renovations are not taking place. Preparations ahead of time can make cleanup much easier.

If you want help either with home renovations or preparing for home renovations, give us a call at Totalreno LTD. We can help you get your home and life ready for when you start your home renovation project. Just remember, soon enough, your home is going to be even more beautiful and functional than it was before. At that point, all of the chaos you endured will have been worth it!